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7 Things You Are Messing Up on When Visiting Las Vegas

1)    Nooo! This isn’t Happening!

The flashing lights, the multicolored signs are things most people get caught up in when you first get to Las Vegas but remember one thing most if not all of these lights are paid for by the millions of people that religiously gamble and gamble without a filter.

Don’t play yourself Rome wasn’t built in 1 day, and you won’t get rich from gambling.

Don’t get me wrong; I understand that when people go to Las Vegas, they want to strike it big and go home rich, well, let me break it to you, it doesn’t play out like that.

Trying to break the bank will almost ensure that you will end up with a disastrous trip.

There are other options out there. For instance, try going in the evening when the sun goes down.

This way you will see more and possibly do more while you are out this will allow for more money for some good restaurants in sin city. If you look closely, you will find that there are a lot of attractions on the strip while you are enjoying Las Vegas. The Park Las Vegas, Aria Resort, The Gardens at Bellagio Las Vegas and LINQ The entertainment district is just a few to name, but there are more a lot more!

2)    Don’t become a fish

Ahh, the hang over feeling. After a night of playing with the slot machines and feeling good at the different tables, you want to top it off with a few drinks. As the waiter keeps bringing over the cocktail drinks you find you can’t feel your toes uh

This believes it is not is a common mistake people make when going to Las Vegas. Keep the shots coming!

Remember that you can impair your judgment by not having a filter on how many drinks you have had. Pace yourself! There can be more to the night than just playing at the tables and drinking to your heart’s content.

3)    When a Good Looking Hotel room turns into Buyer’s Remorse

When planning a trip to Las Vegas whether it’s for the family trip, honeymoon, bachelor party or any other events remember not everyone is doing what you are there to do.

Selecting a room in Las Vegas can be a tricky thing especially if you have been there before. If you look around you will begin to see family’s dragging the kids to a new place only because the first was a poor choice in judgment or maybe you may see that
group of guys who are just trying to avoid any groups kids heading to play arcades.

No matter what you are doing plan for that if you are bringing the family look for family friendly places. If you are just out to have a good time go where the crowds swell no matter the occasion; The right setting is there for you to pick the right

4)    You can Go Where ever you like

Don’t even think about
driving a car. Las Vegas is notorious for its traffic, and you don’t want to be
spending your days and hours in traffic. Take a uber or Lyft they both or cheap
and Can get you from point a to b just as a taxi but with better attitudes. If
you are the walking type, the strip is limitless! Las Vegas was made to be one
of the best places on foot so why not take advantage of it.

5)    Don’t Get Left Out in The Rain

Las Vegas is very hot in the summer because of its location in the desert, but there is an equally freezing winter that comes with this location as well. Before planning a trip make sure you know what the temps are going to be when you head out there. Drink plenty of water when going. Not paying attention to the temperature can leave you in the middle of December with Speedos on.

6)    Don’t Get Caught Slipping

Being open 24 hrs. a day Las Vegas gives you the opportunity to drink when you want and gamble when you want; knowing this you should also know that you don’t have to buy into the peer pressure. Many people insist on cutting loose only to find themselves in a situation. Keep your guard up!

7)    What Did I Just Get Myself Into

Don’t forget Las Vegas is the adult playground; realizing that going in will help you a lot. Don’t like smoking? Smokers will sit right beside you and not think a thing about it, one with a huge cigar.

This can be easily rectified by just going out before 10 pm. Anything after that you will probably find yourself right beside a smoker. Seeing women with barely anything on and men hitting on every woman they see. It’s all here so prepare you are in
Las Vegas.

Yes, I am exaggerating a little, but there are things that happen in Las Vegas that will shock you, be prepared.

10 Tips on Making a Killer Pie

Imagine an old farmhouse with your grandmother sitting on the front porch. Its dinner time and there is pie cooling in the windowsill behind her. It’s definitely a thing of the past! the world has evolved. Homemakers are becoming a thing of the past. Our grandmothers and mothers used to stay at home and cook home cooked meals every day. Pies were a specialty item and every mother in the neighborhood competed for the best pie! Things have changed now that you can just go to the store and buy a ready to go pie. Making pie is actually a pretty complicated process. There are ten tips that will help make your pie making experience much easier.
Cold:Ice Cold
Pie crust dough works best cold. Refrigerate everything including your flour and mixing bowls. Use as cold of butter as possible without it being frozen. This also helps when baking to help keep the crust from shrinking and all of the inside of your pie going everywhere.
Glass is Best
It’s really tempting to purchase those tin pie pans that make clean up as easy as tossing it into the garbage can. However, those don’t heat pies very evenly and tend to burn the bottom of your pie. Cheap pyrex glass pie pans are all it takes to have delicious, evenly heated pie.
Butter, Butter, Butter
Shortening can be a cheaper alternate as well as margarine. However, it is essential to use real butter in your crust! This helps make it workable so that you don’t have a tough crust or struggle with laying your crust out.
Pit, Slice and Peel
Make sure when your making your filling that every fruit involved is pitted, sliced or peeled. There is nothing worse than a decadent, delicious pie with peach fuzz on it. I’ve found that when choosing fruit for my pies, that it is cheaper and less work to use frozen fruit. If you thaw it in the fridge and drain the extra liquid off of it it will not make your pie soggy.
Get your Husband Involved!
Cutting butter into the dry ingredients when making a pie crust is one of the worst jobs on the planet! Your arm will feel like its going to fall off and your core muscles are sore for days! Don’t let this happen to you! Ask your husband to split the work with you! Two minutes a piece would be all it would take and you would have a delicious pie crust ready to be put in the pan. After a couple hours of chilling of course!
Do you want flaky?
If flaky pie crust is the type you like to eat then this is where you enter shortening. Shortening is the best option instead of butter in order to make your pie crust a little flakier. This is perfect for more dinner-type pies such as chicken pot pie.
There is always a place for Hot
Apples are difficult to get the perfect texture and taste. One way to do so is to soak the apples you choose for your pie in hot water. There are a couple ways to build filling. One way is to pre-cook your filling before baking the pie. Or you can just use fresh fruit in your pie. It really comes down to personal preference however, pre-cooking your filling does reduce some of the apple taste which makes your pie a little sweeter. However, pre-cooking does make your pie filling quite a bit thicker and helps your pie retain its shape better when cutting.
The Power of Cornstarch
Fruit pectin is easy to use as a filling because it congeals the filling quickly and easily. However, keep that for the filling in a cupcake and use cornstarch. Cornstarch gives a better taste because it isn’t so fake tasting. Using cornstarch leaves the fruit taste up to the fruit and doesn’t add any artificial fruit taste to your pie.
Let it Cool, Cold:Ice Cold
When it’s finally time to dig in, don’t be tempted to do so before the pie has completely cooled. The problem is that it will ruin the filling. Which will result in a half eaten pie with filling spread all over the pan! That’s not very pretty or decadent! So despite the fact that it will be really tempting to eat it right away, hold yourself back!

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Las Vegas Escorts

There is good and bad in anything and everything. It’s as simple as that. However, despite this fact, Las Vegas Escorts can indeed be something nice, and that nice is something that can make all the difference where one’s life is concerned in the fun department. Because Las Vegas Escorts are all about diversity and this diversity can make for lots of excitement in a very good way. You, as the individual choosing the escort, do get to personally pick the one escort that you do like the most from amid all the rest. The matter of personal choice is a fact that makes Las Vegas Escorts all the more appealing a prospect. When you personally get to pick out the one escort that you like the most, it means that you are assured of having a wonderful time, and that is because you will be with a person that you decided to have a good time with all on your own.

What are some pros associated with escorts?

There are all sorts of escorts out there. One of the pros is the variety of ladies to choose from overall. You can get exactly what you want and for some this is the most important of all things. It doesn’t matter if you get an escort from Runway Escorts, College Girl Escorts, or from petite Escorts. You, and you alone, are the only one who makes the final decision on who to choose to be your one special escort for the night or week or what not. You can get exactly who you want and whenever you want her to be with you or to go with you somewhere to be seen. When you personally get to pick your one escort, it will indeed promote happiness, and make for a wonderful experience all around as well. Therefore, your one special escort can be in the Runway Escorts group, or she can be in the College Girl Escorts or the petite Escorts. It doesn’t matter where you find her. The most important thing is to find her. Another advantage to choosing escorts is clear. You can shop around for just the right escort. You can also find an escort based on what you can afford to pay. The power of personal choice is always a good thing. You also get the benefit of always having fun and not feeling alone with the companionship of an escort. Some of the rewards associates with getting escorts for one’s self is this. There is no attachment or one isn’t able to do any type of social games. You will know from the onset just what you are getting into and that is that. There is a clear ending from get go and if you can’t accept it for what it is. You should refrain from getting into this kind of sexual involvement.

What are some cons associated with escorts?

The downside to going with escorts if clear. Some people may become emotionally involved and this is a definite no-no for escorts who are doing this as a job and means of support for themselves. They don’t get attached to their clients in any way. They also don’t let you kiss them or come down on them. Any sex workers aren’t obligated to get you off sexually. It is a matter of personal choice how far they do decide to go or not to go. You must remember you are buying a service from them and that is it. Your finances is something that does transfer to one thing and that is no other than sexual services. You aren’t getting them to get personally entangled with you for life. It’s a business transaction and that transaction is usually limited to just an hour of their exclusive attention. You must remember this. Some people tend to forget this when they get caught up in the moment and heat of things overall.

Despite the good and bad things that do exist about escort services. The one thing that is true about it is this. Many do find happiness from using these services. It is why it is extremely popular and will continued to be so in every way. One more thing to remember before seeking out the services of an escort is this. You should only seek to find the one escort that does suit and fit your needs in every way. You want to avoid any disappointments due to your expectations and the best way to do this is by negotiating your expectations upfront from the beginning with the chosen escort.

Cox Communications Service Setup in Las Vegas

Finding the right internet or cable provider can be a daunting task. You want to make sure that you’re not over paying for the services that you need and that you’re getting exactly what you want. Some companies will try and sell you bundles that aren’t necessary for your needs just in hopes of getting a little extra money out of you. Fortunately for those looking for a new provider living in the Las Vegas area it no longer should be an issue. Great services are just a phone call away when you choose COX communications.

Services offered by Cox communications

Anyone who might be interested in getting great service for a great rate should Call: 702-367-1173. Set up Cox service in Las Vegas is as easy as giving them a call at the number mentioned and letting them know what you want to sign up for. For those who might be more interested in visiting a Cox store in Las Vegas may do so by finding them at Cox Authorized Retailer in Las Vegas Located at 6115 W Flamingo Rd Las Vegas NV 89103.

Now that you have the information of where you can find them and where they’re located, let’s discuss the services that cox has to offer its customers. Cox offers their customers the ability to purchase digital television through them whether it’s for your home or for the business. For home businesses, you can sign up for digital cable and receive a digital recorder box so you can record and watch all your favorite shows any time you want. Cox also offers on demand services for its clients which allows users to watch some of their favorite shows instantly without having to deal with all the commercials that regular cable viewers have to deal with.

Perhaps one of the biggest services that Cox communications has to offer is their internet services. Depending on your needs or whether it’s for a home or business, there are five different plans you have to choose from. There are different speeds too choose from, but be warned that if you go over the package requirements there is a fee you will be required to pay. Furthermore, Cox has a digital telephone service in almost all of its areas of service. Likewise, one of their plans called Cox business allows for a business use to voice, data, and video services for not only professional businesses, but for education programs as well. This means some well recognized home schooling programs you may be familiar with, have also signed up with Cox to help provide your child with their home schooling educational needs all without you even realizing it!

Finally, one of the final services you’ll find that is offered from Cox Communications is their security program. Nothing helps you to feel safer in either your home or your business than Cox security. They have a few different features that can help you to get the most out of their security features. Now you can leave home and feel a peace of mind knowing that you have cox communication security keeping your home safe. Likewise, this also applies to being a business owner. Never will you feel safer than you would when you have cox communication security on your side. With two different choices to help keep you and yours safe, you’ll be happy that you chose cox communications for your security needs. As mentioned above, if you’re interested in any of their services you can just give them a call or visit them and speak to a representative who can help find you the best deals and the right packages.Simply Call: 702-367-1173 for Setup Cox Service in Las Vegas

Cox Authorized Retailer – Las Vegas


8:00 PM
1045 S. Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89145
(702) 258-9222


5:00 PM
4270 Blue Diamond Road Las Vegas, NV 89139
(702) 527-7940
Cox Solutions Store – Las Vegas


5:00 PM
750 N. Rancho Drive Las Vegas, NV 89106
(702) 463-1714


5:00 PM
7930 W Tropical Pkwy Suite 160 Las Vegas, NV 89149
(702) 405-0670
Cox Solutions Store – Las Vegas


5:00 PM
9240 W. Sahara Ave #110 Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 476-6588

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